stagnant moment

when I was isolated after my failed journey, I began to discover myself, began to capture frozen moments, and recognize who I am and what I am.
today is a night full of thinking and everything that happened to me then has its meaning and essence, I miss my gang. although everything must have happened that way.

sometimes it seems that the world has stopped and you really stopped. in their quest and loss. in his creation and rest, in everything. today I realized that there are those I care about and who cry for me, I realized that everything is destined, God, destiny, karma I do not know anything, but you are spinning in the orbit of other people.

you spin to understand and discover, you get angry and suffer, you laugh and cry …..
through isolation, I miss people and realized even though I can live alone and I like it, my world will never be what it was, it is already different and I am really thinking about change or a different life again


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