the first day of freedom

we finally overcame the quarantine and life got a little more interesting.
but we still have some restrictions but we can already go out for a walk around the town

but we have to be on the lookout for when and how much we will be, the temperature is still measured and signatures are placed, but it already smells of a bit of that freedom.

tomorrow I will try to go even further, to my community meeting …. I don’t know how it will be and if it will release me so early but God knows and wants me to be among the believers again ….

But every good thing is tested by fire, today I encountered HIM again, and again everything started again …. although we live on separate floors but the inner yard did not accommodate us again …..
He was drunk again, at least it seemed to me, and if it weren’t for my friend’s gaze, I would have smashed a cup of coffee on HIS head. but that didn’t happen and I’m glad my friend saved me …..

now I am looking for a way out of the fight against windmills because I understand everything and I want to run away from the situation like I was running or hiding all the time ….
the first decision I still keep in my mind is to change the boarding house. but here I may find myself in an even worse situation than I am now


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