am I here or there

today I realized that my current life is further than far and that those who can help me have disappointed me. maybe it’s my own fault, but I’ve been feeling like I don’t belong in this space for a long time. I know it’s […]

banhammer, virus & my life pt.2

banhammer hitting hard, so my life became harder….. it’s not complaining is more about the freedom that I can’t use. I lost track of the time that we are banhammered but something will change in my country, but not in my house where I […]

why i feel lonely

sometimes I feel lonely even though I am surrounded by friends and people …. and it seems like it will never stop, cold faces will continue to surround me. through my illness, I have rejected many people and left behind. feeling strange, i want […]

so few

so few I lack until peace find yourself in the bend of the road again discover everything I've lost a long time ago while I was suffering and I was so few I lack up to hope when two worlds become one love speaks […]

anxiety and lost time

sometimes I feel like I’m freezing this time and the dream won’t end. sometimes it seems that everything that is and will be (or was) my past and future somewhere far away. I try to live my life but anxiety attacks me again and […]

dowry and life

I was never attached to anything, I was never dependent on anything. this is what the wandering life taught me.sometimes I seem to get caught in someone’s dream and dream with my eyes open.I am now dependent on the people around me, other residents, […]