I’m tired

I’m still isolated and don’t really know how to survive all this quarantine. I know that I am not one, many people are affected by depression and anxiety. I know it’s serious when people die …. the noise and the panic that engulfed the […]

night wanderer

night wanderer maybe it's the end when everything remains music strange only a black and white world around and thoughts running through a tired mind night wanderer do you know where life ends and suffering begins when full moon and wind in the window […]

suicide note

 maybe nothing will come maybe i will come up with everything but now i'm going through thin ice i want to get out but the door is not closed the last cup of coffee and a cigarette I never thought I would be affected […]

why i feel lonely

sometimes I feel lonely even though I am surrounded by friends and people …. and it seems like it will never stop, cold faces will continue to surround me. through my illness, I have rejected many people and left behind. feeling strange, i want […]

don’t know (weird emotions)

lately i have been feeling weird and restless. the feeling that my illness is playing with me again. everything is fine with the neighbor and good enough with friends and the environment. but everything goes into blackness. but I sometimes feel worse sometimes better […]