I’m tired

I’m still isolated and don’t really know how to survive all this quarantine.

I know that I am not one, many people are affected by depression and anxiety. I know it’s serious when people die ….

the noise and the panic that engulfed the whole world drove me crazy from this cruel and gloomy information. I don’t want to be a part of it but I can’t avoid it because all the media is filled with that information.

during those two weeks I got tired of what was important and interesting to me. all day long I look at the walls and I go crazy silently ….. now my only wish is to fall asleep and get up when all is over.
I was afraid of myself, I was afraid that the stroke would come when I was least prepared for it, and the help would not come on time, though the home medical staff promised to help me as much as I could ….
I know there are bigger problems in the world and lack of help here and there. I still waiting for the quarantine to end.

you need to be ready for anything and get out of your mind and go back to it …..

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