traveling to oneself

today I realized that I had to make this trip to Vilnius, Trakai, and Rūdiškės. now that I was at home I realized that what was happening (happening) with my father was his personal affair. yes, I apologized and said I don’t want to […]


there is little time left before i go …. on the bus this time, although i would like to travel with thumbs …. there will be a lot of everything, the speaking and the same story telling, but I’m ready for that. still want […]

saturday and tour

looking forward to saturday and traveling to vilnius today and again will be a full day of preparation. clothes, shower, tiea, I did basic things yesterday …. and that makes me feel better. waiting for the Living Library, a feeling I hadn’t had to […]

sleepless night

have a cigarette, have coffee … I can spend the night without sleeping. work to plan my travel goals and plans. hopefully tomorrow will be better weather, at least in Vilnius. today is a day full of preparation, take a shower, get clothes and […]