when people try to listen

it’s nothing to brag about, but yesterday I feel like I’ve listened at last….. now, I feel better and stronger, then people help me overcome my darkness I respect people with understanding and silent voices, like Z. I respect her more and more because […]

banhammer, virus & my life pt.2

banhammer hitting hard, so my life became harder….. it’s not complaining is more about the freedom that I can’t use. I lost track of the time that we are banhammered but something will change in my country, but not in my house where I […]

life over rooftop

sometimes I wondering why people can’t understand my mental condition. why they bring me closer and closer to darkness. sometimes they put me on the test, like yesterday with a nurse of night shift…… yesterday I make a call to helpline, because I feel […]

I’m 41 years old

I write this at midnight in my office…. now, I’m realized how time flies by. today is my birthday, and I don’t want to sleep at all….. yesterday I was feeling like this birthday was fake, now I feel like my years and my […]

two days

I have two days left until my birthday, but I feel like I’m diving into blackness again ….. everything seems so far away and unreal when I can’t see my friends ’eyes in the eye this whole story makes me worry and feel nothing […]

# smallworlds

sometimes it seems like quarantine and isolation will never end …. and my madness is getting worse. everything seems simple and life moves in an old furrow, but sometimes finds itself on very crisp ice. error after mistake and your world seems to have […]