submissive and vigilant

sometimes I wonder why there are two different types of people in this world, some called “surrendered” and others called “vigilant” I think I will never jump with a knife asking for medication no matter how hard I am and how much I am […]

I’m 41 years old

I write this at midnight in my office…. now, I’m realized how time flies by. today is my birthday, and I don’t want to sleep at all….. yesterday I was feeling like this birthday was fake, now I feel like my years and my […]

Birthday party plans

Next week (05.14) is my birthday and I decided to throw virtual party. I miss my friends so I decided that they can visit me. I try a ZOOM platform…, it’s fast cloud baced solution with some neet function…. Just instal from the […]


now, about a month we locked down in social care home…. it’s hard and stressful time for my mental state again and again I go nuts about quarantine and that freedom that i used to now under lock…. sometime i think that all this […]

night wanderer

night wanderer maybe it's the end when everything remains music strange only a black and white world around and thoughts running through a tired mind night wanderer do you know where life ends and suffering begins when full moon and wind in the window […]

finally, and the weekend plans

finally i feel good, really good. I’m asleep and ready for new challenges …. weekend plans are clear as well, Vilnius – Living Library – Book Fair. I’m looking forward to the weekend, meeting new people, networking, and seeing old friends