I disappeared

sometimes I want to disappear from this world because I think she won’t read my letter…I realized that she doesn’t have or doesn’t want to understand another person’s (my) emotions and an explanation of what’s happening to me and what my world is. I […]

strange night music

the strange music haunts me again, and I would give anything for a drop of peace.no, I want to dive into the night broadcasts again, even though I know it’s not good for my health. but yesterday’s DCD got me back into the rhythm […]

it’s hard

it’s hard to open up because you’re afraid of getting burned. After all, you’re afraid of being misunderstood, but the world is made up of good people.today, the broadcasts that transport me, it is difficult for me to accept other strangers in my life, […]


finally, the day I didn’t wait for has come, my “anniversary” at the boarding house…..somehow, everything started to bother me, everything started to become boring and alien to me.the town turned into an object of pointless walks, I realized that I was not expected […]


today is another sleepless night….. sometimes it seems like it will never end. music and poems, I understand that I have and want to sleep, but the full moon drives me to despair. all I do is smoke and drink coffee… it’s not for […]


today I came to the conclusion that I will never calm down because I was isolated. isolated because he’s afraid, and I partly understand why, but it’s hard… today I understand that I am no longer destined to live the life I lived before […]