today is another sleepless night….. sometimes it seems like it will never end. music and poems, I understand that I have and want to sleep, but the full moon drives me to despair. all I do is smoke and drink coffee… it’s not for […]


today I came to the conclusion that I will never calm down because I was isolated. isolated because he’s afraid, and I partly understand why, but it’s hard… today I understand that I am no longer destined to live the life I lived before […]


how hard it is to look at yourself with your own eyes.today, when freedom is so close, it’s hard to comprehend what and how you survived.trying to resurrect your life and rise to an old (new) reality. you will need to learn to travel, […]

Got it

they will remind me, everywhere and always, what was and what will be… .. but for me with my family not on the way… .. I want to get back into the world of vagrants from which I was imprisoned in Veisiejai, I want […]