today I feel empty and don’t understand what’s going on with me. I know my plan is good and realistic but how much it will cost me effort and patience. I know I have to leave everything here, all the comfort, respect, and discounts […]

time to be

finally, it’s time to be yourself, not afraid to make mistakes, not afraid to get sick, and not afraid to seek help. it’s time to be mistaken and admit your mistakes, it’s time to be stupid, smart, and finally, it’s time to be back. […]


sometimes you are and will be betrayed and betrayed sometimes those who were your “friends” put you under a wave of illness and you begin to doubt your stupid humanity and brotherhood. sometimes you will be halfway there you will have to choose between […]


finally, the day has come when you can relax and “hear yourself” again ….. finally it all comes down to shelves and drawers and it seems to me that it was the most stressful week of these few months of the year. though the […]

perfect, imperfect

my world has not stopped burning for almost four months, I am tired of doing something to create and suffer. sometimes it seems to never end, and I will not stop burning and sighing headlong, against my beliefs and values of life. maybe things […]