I feel like I’m falling more and more into the pit with that virus thing. I feel like I need stronger help than I am getting now even thinking about the institution. but everything is already crowded, I read that already 95 percent of […]


tomorrow is the day when the further closure issue will be decided. although there is a little hope, everything can be the other way around. though there is hope she has small crooked legs, but she is. now I realize that everything is for […]


it’s the third day I’m locked up and now I’m not looking for the dead because I know the whole world is suffering. when the relatively first days were the cruelest, but I finally got rid of ….. I have to suffer because everyone […]

to whom it will concern

I know my desires can and will hurt other people. I know this is unrealistic and if there is a problem in me then I am ready not to talk about it anymore. simply, this desire arose from being tired of being unheard and […]