jealous, hate, change

when you think about it, only the ashes of glory are left of my life. that I wish I would not change my future so easily and all that was left were the memories of travel and nomads.

somehow with one person from my boarding house, we started talking about travel around the world and digital nomads, which is a distant dream for me to be, and I envy them….

I envy the freedom they have to travel around the world, to be where you just dream, to work at the moment when and how they want. to have what I once had, and now for ten years, I have been traveling only in my mind. but fate sees that the time will come I will not leave anything here and move where I want and how I want to travel… ..

jealous but not now, now is the time to stop and breathe…. maybe I sat too long but I know I need to give everything and give thanks and ask for it to be better and according to God’s will