I disappeared

sometimes I want to disappear from this world because I think she won’t read my letter…I realized that she doesn’t have or doesn’t want to understand another person’s (my) emotions and an explanation of what’s happening to me and what my world is. I […]


finally, the day I didn’t wait for has come, my “anniversary” at the boarding house…..somehow, everything started to bother me, everything started to become boring and alien to me.the town turned into an object of pointless walks, I realized that I was not expected […]


today I feel empty and don’t understand what’s going on with me. I know my plan is good and realistic but how much it will cost me effort and patience. I know I have to leave everything here, all the comfort, respect, and discounts […]


today I realized that it all depends on me and my approach to life situations. today I realized that there will be forces that will resist your good mood and emotions ….. while living in the boarding house I started to feel organic hatred […]