I disappeared

sometimes I want to disappear from this world because I think she won’t read my letter…
I realized that she doesn’t have or doesn’t want to understand another person’s (my) emotions and an explanation of what’s happening to me and what my world is.

I know she works by her system, and that system made me feel bad. and I still know that my world and my mood and understanding of the world will always be as it was…..

I want to disappear from the world where I am unheard, unseen, and treated like an object. it’s hard for me to control myself, you’ll see and hear what they want to tell me because what I’ve experienced lately is pulling me away from therapy and psychologists (psychiatrists)

the experiences of my world will always be with me and strange emotions and music in my head will always be a part of my world, and if you don’t want to hear me, then think about whether we are on our way.