let it be without a name

I wanted to write this article a long time ago, I thought long ago about my illness and the life situation I got into …..

I know there are a lot of people in this world who would envy me the place I am now but not about that I am here.
I don’t know whether to curse or bless my mom who stood between two fires and maybe saved me from the worse future I could have …..
you see, I lived on both sides of life. I lived a wandering, a vagrant, a luxurious life, but I always felt unsafe for some reason, then I lived the life of a patient in a psychiatric institution …..

already soon 10 years when I live in a boarding house, and here again the problems, joys and worries of my life …… my life has become sedentary, at all costs, and mentally morally and spiritually …… sometimes it seems to them all we don’t matter (I’m not talking about pandemic fatigue due to the virus) but sometimes you wonder why some characters behave the way they want and you have to follow the rules. sometimes you want to do something stupid that they wouldn’t expect from you ……

To Be Continued


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