forgiveness and understanding

in the last few days, I have realized many things about my relationship and the life I am in now.
I realized that people needed to be given space, so my mom decided not to call her anymore and not communicate with her if she didn’t want to. and I still understand the main thing, you will not choose your parents ….. you will not choose the behavior and desire of those people to destroy yourself ….. it is already my father’s choice and I can only pray and thank God that everything has turned in this direction.
I realized that the Breeders are my fortress from which I do not want to leave, because here, no matter how hard it is to live, I found myself not in vain …… I realized that God gave me another chance not to live and not end up in prison after doing something bad, or not waiting for tomorrow at all …… many people have told me that you will not run away from yourself ….. and this has given me the understanding and testimony that anything is possible and everything will go out for me (us) for good because with God it must always be so.


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