today I realized that it all depends on me and my approach to life situations. today I realized that there will be forces that will resist your good mood and emotions …..

while living in the boarding house I started to feel organic hatred again, to people and events that started to annoy me again ….. and sometimes it seems that you will have problems for yourself ….. problems for yourself and others.
although there is one character who can do anything, swear, humiliate other people, even if I had acted like this for a long time I would have been locked up in a psychiatric hospital.

and again, the question arises as to why some can do anything, while others have to listen to the workers and follow the rules like dogs with their ears clasped.

sometimes you want to go outside, you want to spit on everything and not think that you have to be a positive character…
sometimes you want to get drunk, sometimes you want to mess with something …. sometimes you just want to forget everything


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