otherwise, it will not

sleepless night again and the flow of thoughts distract me from the rhythm ….
I realize every day that I am driven to despair by the simplest thing – the freedom that I cannot enjoy. I understand that the virus cis is still overclocking and will still overclock everyone and everything ….
yesterday I found out that he had taken me to my homeland too ….. I don’t know how to proceed because I want my promises to be broken again.
I want to escape from the boarding house, but everything comes to promise because I try to be a man of the word.

I’m annoyed, in a hopeless situation I just go crazy that I go crazy.
I don’t know when everything will end, but the hole in my life – no travel and wandering, no healthy people and I live openly closed.

when I was on the day I dreamed of freedom, but now everything seems so that it was better to stay closed …. sometimes it seems that I closed myself to any of it


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