why am I forced to be a positive character when I can’t get out of someone’s head? that woman who forced me to use violence uses my last name as a curse word.

and it drives me crazy…
sometimes I want to hit her again because she seems like she’s trying to get me out of my temper but I know for sure she caught me but didn’t catch me.

why do I have to seek help and treatment, why do I have to visit a doctor and a psychologist, and why do I have to be an intelligent assertive character when others can do whatever they want?

yes, I have a lot to do to prove my resilience and will to survive but the question is for how long and why should I…..
I feel that I’m wasting my energy on something I shouldn’t, but how can I get up and get up when the patient can do whatever he wants, and I’m being threatened by Rokiški and other things, why I’m being treated like an animal.
But about that another time.