a living library and a weekend I can’t forget

finally feeling good about something big and important …. this weekend i was at the Living Library during the book fair …. Saturday was a day full of chaos and anxiety because after some time i participated in the project …..

the first day i had three readers, but not from the book i was hoping for, but the readers were open to my experiences and feelings …. on the second day we interacted more with each other. and more rested than talking to readers.

it was good to see my old friend Inga who took care of me as my older sister …… she gave me a tricolor ribbon and was my light for the whole two days.
and I can’t complain about the attention and help of the coordinator, she kept asking me if I was feeling well or okay. because last week I barely had a seizure. I really felt safe and calm enough

today i feel like i want to sleep and i can’t sleep normally, yesterday’s stroll through the night city and my illness gave its payoff ….
but I feel happy and tired, alive and recover


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