traveling to oneself

today I realized that I had to make this trip to Vilnius, Trakai, and Rūdiškės.
now that I was at home I realized that what was happening (happening) with my father was his personal affair. yes, I apologized and said I don’t want to lose it, but blaming myself and looking for the mistakes of the past is a pointless thing.

sure, it was hard to see how he was going crazy and not realizing his reality, it was hard to realize that he was digging a pit for himself ….. of course, I did what I had to do a long time ago …… but it was a journey in the line of memories
Vilnius all the time different, sleepless moving, full of movement and memories that take you further … further to those places you know and know …. all-day almost on your feet. tired even now I can not get used to the slowness and simplicity of Veisiejai.

Trakai the city that recovered hardly knew him, although there are many memories and emotions here as well. a walk from the bus station to the castle caused me a pity that I might not return here again …. I lived in a quiet place near the lake, but the children did not allow me to rest …..

I do not regret that I had to quarantine after the trip, even though I was stuck by Monday, but the trip itself was worth it and the memories it caused


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