someday it will end

I just talked to my friend from Vilnius, but I feel a slight shock that the mystical hammer was introduced so quickly ……
our area of existence was further reduced as we lost our inner courtyard with scaffolding and closed doors.
everything that was important to me – freedom of movement, wandering around the town and its surroundings, suddenly everything under the mystical hammer.
and you don’t know when everything will end, even the employees themselves don’t know ….. but knowing myself, I think I can stand it and do something for myself or others, I hope I don’t have to …..

point A – it was different, you almost knew when it would all end, this point A, it seems to me that there will be no beginning and no end ………….. I don’t know if I will endure, but I have to prove to myself and others that I am not a psychic, and I can continue to survive under any circumstances ……


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