to whom it will concern

I know my desires can and will hurt other people. I know this is unrealistic and if there is a problem in me then I am ready not to talk about it anymore.
simply, this desire arose from being tired of being unheard and misunderstood. by the way, and from the kind of my wanderer who already lacks air and adventure and no matter what and who will have problems

I think it’s my childish whim and no matter where you look at it, it would be the same everywhere …. just, in those few weeks I’ve exhausted my limit of good power now it’s time to ruin myself, a time when freedom seems right here, but far together. I feel like I’ve exhausted and exhausted all the power to get rid of those “chatter” and other characters.

I miss the life I have created for myself, I miss the town, the cafe, and the museum ….. because I am imprisoned again, like everyone else, but I see everything too sensitively.


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