I still believe

in my present world, everything seems lost, closed and abandoned, lonely, and alone. looking forward to better times in a world where there is no hope ….
but I still believe that this whole quarantine affair will not last long, you just have to wait and wait for this whole affair.
I believe I will move quickly to my reality, town, church (which I miss very much) museum, shop, etc. where I could relax from all the bad energy that is in the small boarding house space.

I believe I will finally be able to play my sets to a larger audience, I will be able to reach out to greet strangers. I’m sure it won’t last long, although you’d like it all to end now, at this moment.

I have a computer, a small box to a big world, but it sometimes makes no sense. i have a blog but sometimes it makes no sense. sometimes you want to do nothing and lie in bed, don’t think about swimming anywhere where the current will take you …….

I believe I will be able to break free from this feeling of lethargy. move to Vilnius or Kaunas, I will be able to see friends again because now I feel like on an uninhabited island. and communicating over a distance, not my whim …. I’m sure someday, as long as it takes, I won’t go crazy.

just what I have more left to do is believe, wait, and live “quietly” as it is and what it is …..


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