sometimes you are and will be betrayed and betrayed
sometimes those who were your “friends” put you under a wave of illness and you begin to doubt your stupid humanity and brotherhood.

sometimes you will be halfway there
you will have to choose between your beliefs or throwing everything in the trash …. or you will have to get angry and burn in it for a whole week, a month, or a year …. you are halfway between yourself and him (which is apparently not worth your attention)

… or ….
or continue to do good, and not close in the pain that other people bring you. they do not know your path, and through what obstacles you walk.

… but ….
sometimes kindness pays off, even though you will be betrayed alone, but it seems to me that everything is undercompensated …. and I really, I have a new “gang” that I think will appreciate my goodness, and if not it doesn’t matter to me anymore …. I still I will not change for something, and I will be useful, good, and necessary for someone …


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