finally, the day has come when you can relax and “hear yourself” again ….. finally it all comes down to shelves and drawers and it seems to me that it was the most stressful week of these few months of the year.

though the weekend, but I want more movement and tension that would make me forget the boarding house, the quarantine, and the despair I live in now.

it all started, filming for the 15min.lt project, the producer of which surprised me with his insights, issues that even made me think … Video premiere, already this Saturday ….

today, the Living Library online, I felt a little lonely when I split into rooms, but after the format changed to a discussion, it became easier for me because then I might ask myself a question. and see other “books.” and I liked that discussion format the most and was my own, although the change in formats will be a bit challenging ….

a little late with the NMFX TV channel, but if all goes well tomorrow, I promise to upload 2 clips …. I don’t want to make excuses, but the whole week, as I said, was a crazy roll


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