not a secret

not a secret

… and they were right, but are you sure ….. I know we’ll be back to our old places soon, and the old problems will break up again, with an old friend. but or really, because I’m already getting restless that the gang will start their marches again and I’ll start paying attention to really alien lives again.

but when you think about whether I need it, and I know again that it will be a test (like all the time) that I may not pass again …. I already get anxious when you think that everything that was and has been separated for almost a year will start all over again. but I don’t want to interfere and make old mistakes that were just a difficulty for me and others.

maybe the director of the boarding house will not look so casually anymore and things will be different but I don’t want to ruin life either for him or for myself …. although sometimes you would.

I know I can be annoying when you need to benefit me, I have already learned the hard way but I don’t seem to complain or hesitate no one will pay attention ….

but about it next time