sharing is caring

who doesn’t know I have a psychiatric diagnosis and have struggled with it for a long time …. many times in a psychiatric institution until I realized I wouldn’t get over it so easily ….
I realized that my experience is the most valuable asset I can share with others. my experience with hospitals and screams, medication and non-medication, everything is my experience that might help others not make the same mistakes …. maybe other people will be influenced by the media, will realize that sometimes we don’t commit the most heinous crimes and sometimes we become those victims of the crimes themselves. perhaps, in me people will see an intelligent person who has two worlds of “disease” and “healthy,” “black,” and “white” maybe it will help others understand that I don’t need pity, but I need understanding.

the fact that I’m sick isn’t a weakness or a focus on attention, just by telling my story I get a peculiar dose of psychotherapy …. and only recently, I understand the meaning of “sharing is caring”


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