quarantine in my brain

Finally, it’s time to see if I can overcome myself.
My inner wanderer is restless and wants to escape from the boarding house.
I think a lot about it and see those months when we were quarantined and somehow I was able to stay calm I somehow didn’t make mistakes that would cause problems for others.

But now it seems to me that the situation is different when freedom has become full, we have remained close

the wanderer wants freedom at all costs and the promise is given and I will keep it ……

I feel like I’m burning and burning myself again.
Sometimes it seems that a sleepless night can drive me away again, and the rest may not happen.
Coffee, a computer, and cigarillos are my nightly recipe.
But lately, I’ve been thinking about quarantining myself and ending it, visiting suicidal thoughts again.

The quarantine will remain in my brain for a long time and then anything can happen… ..


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