I can’t or don’t want to

For 4 months I am locked in my inner shell, in a corridor where there is no peace and rest, sometimes it seems that everything is again just a dream that has lasted …..

I can no longer suffer from those closed doors and the isolation I am in now … although I have a computer in the library, and I feel a little looser, but the “waves” are constantly being raised because of my presence here and going to smoke on the first floor.

i can’t understand how other characters (i won’t mention who) can migrate after all the floors it does all sorts of nonsense and I still have to be closed …. why some can do what they want and others have to follow the rules.

I don’t want to be one of those who go against the system, but I want more and more to destroy everything …. rules and procedures that are already starting to annoy me

I don’t want to be guilty even though sometimes I am guilty just because I am …. I don’t want to be perfect even though I have not lived a perfect life in my past and now I want to prove that I can live perfectly even though it costs me anxiety and a lot of effort. just, the stone I put on my shoulders is my desire to prove that I can and want, even though I live in a spiral – a circle in a circle …. between black and white ….

but about it next time