anger and enemies that are absent

you remember when you told the story of a “broken musician” … today I realized that we are not on our way together, and sometimes in search of enemies where there are none, he leads me to blackness …
today I realized that we are different people, and if I say that, we are truly such.

when you think about it, you’re constantly tense and waiting for a blow from your “enemies,” so I guess he can’t fall asleep and he needs pills. or maybe he was so empathetic to his role that it couldn’t be any different. or i am trying to change irreplaceable things ….

you see, I know I’m not on the road with him, and then I’ll try to communicate with him as little as possible, even though I don’t like to do that. but it affects me more and more ….

I understand that, maybe it’s his illness, but why does it have to affect me …..


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