a living library and a weekend I can’t forget

finally feeling good about something big and important …. this weekend i was at the Living Library during the book fair …. Saturday was a day full of chaos and anxiety because after some time i participated in the project …..

the first day i had three readers, but not from the book i was hoping for, but the readers were open to my experiences and feelings …. on the second day we interacted more with each other. and more rested than talking to readers.

it was good to see my old friend Inga who took care of me as my older sister …… she gave me a tricolor ribbon and was my light for the whole two days.
and I can’t complain about the attention and help of the coordinator, she kept asking me if I was feeling well or okay. because last week I barely had a seizure. I really felt safe and calm enough

today i feel like i want to sleep and i can’t sleep normally, yesterday’s stroll through the night city and my illness gave its payoff ….
but I feel happy and tired, alive and recover

saturday and tour

looking forward to saturday and traveling to vilnius
today and again will be a full day of preparation. clothes, shower, tiea, I did basic things yesterday …. and that makes me feel better.

waiting for the Living Library, a feeling I hadn’t had to be part of something big and important for a long time.

everything is already clear about the price of the bus, the overnight accommodation and the entrance to the fair. all that remains is where to spend time before the meeting.

that’s it, wait for the sequel

so few

 so few I lack until peace
find yourself in the bend of the road again
discover everything I've lost a long time ago
while I was suffering and I was

so few I lack up to hope
when two worlds become one
love speaks with different voices
and life turns into something different

so few I lack up to trust
i try to run and get in but i'm afraid
contempt and cold faces
but that is the way I continue to go about it 

this morning

 dawn the morning i am waiting for
this is all I have left in my life
a new day will show it all
as much as I was left with the desire to be myself

I still feel like time is running out
rivers of destiny as much as I still have
questions with no answers close to blackness
yet here or there far or somewhere

dawn the morning i am waiting for
time is frozen while i am together
pen and paper only 
this morning my best friends

coffee and cigarettes

look forward to summer when my best friends will be coffee and cigarettes. I look forward to being able to take a cup of coffee outside, smoke a cigarette and enjoy the pleasures of my life.

i’m looking forward to summer when things look a little bit please. when I can spend more time outside and I would ask to go anyway.

health problems

lately i have been having trouble falling asleep, feeling tired and restless. I have to deal with blackness, I feel like an onslaught and I should go to hospital again.
but apparently you won’t need it.
today I consulted a doctor and he replaced my old medications with new oness because the old ones weren’t working.
I’m afraid I don’t know how they work and what their side effects are, though the doctor said everything would be fine ….
I don’t want to disappoint people from the Living Library, but everything will be clear on Wednesday for the medicines and the event