when people try to listen

it’s nothing to brag about, but yesterday I feel like I’ve listened at last….. now, I feel better and stronger, then people help me overcome my darkness I respect people with understanding and silent voices, like Z. I respect her more and more because […]

banhammer, virus & my life pt.2

banhammer hitting hard, so my life became harder….. it’s not complaining is more about the freedom that I can’t use. I lost track of the time that we are banhammered but something will change in my country, but not in my house where I […]

life over rooftop

sometimes I wondering why people can’t understand my mental condition. why they bring me closer and closer to darkness. sometimes they put me on the test, like yesterday with a nurse of night shift…… yesterday I make a call to helpline, because I feel […]

two days

I have two days left until my birthday, but I feel like I’m diving into blackness again ….. everything seems so far away and unreal when I can’t see my friends ’eyes in the eye this whole story makes me worry and feel nothing […]

celebrating life

I celebrate life no matter what it is, sometimes I seem to lose more and more, but everything is in my hands. I celebrate life with friends who surround me and help me recover from blackness I am still looking for myself, real and […]