a new day has dawned and I feel happy.finally sleepy and full of strength to do something good.I still feel the effects of the weekend and think a lot about the neighbor and all my reactions to it. not wanting to look back, I […]


today i’m looking forward to tomorrow …. i don’t know how to survive but maybe things will work out for good thinking about my psyche and the anxiety I have to endure. moving to a double room is an option, but I can’t imagine […]

anxiety and lost time

sometimes I feel like I’m freezing this time and the dream won’t end. sometimes it seems that everything that is and will be (or was) my past and future somewhere far away. I try to live my life but anxiety attacks me again and […]

dowry and life

I was never attached to anything, I was never dependent on anything. this is what the wandering life taught me.sometimes I seem to get caught in someone’s dream and dream with my eyes open.I am now dependent on the people around me, other residents, […]

weekly works and thoughts

a couple important things await me this week. trip to Vilnius, and finally the night dances were restored. but about it after all. I feel sick, cough and cold do not calm, sometimes it seems that I should cancel everything. I wanted to meet […]