life on the border

sometimes no one seems to need my life, not even myself. I live on a very fragile line, although everyone tells me it’s up to me and I’ll get over it but my world burns, I don’t know how to overcome everything, because other […]

now or never

I started analyzing my health deteriorations and realized that I was hurt by being with other, four or three people. you see, I was never part of a gang, and I lived a life of solitude and alone. realistically, I needed to find or […]


I don’t know where or when but everything crumbles in my little world. it’s hard to understand and forgive myself because I’m trying to deceive myself and escape from a reality I’ve been stuck in for some time. I feel cheated, I try to […]

to be or exist

be when everything that interested or entertained you bounced back into the existential wall where you have to decide – you or they … when you live with people who cause you problems, you are looking for answers sometimes through the blackness, sometimes through […]

will you resurrect me?

lately, I feel lonely and alone, though surrounded by people and sounds but I only feel emptiness. will you resurrect me when everything in me is a mad fire of flame and restless anticipation of the end? will you resurrect me when everything falls […]

feeling insecure

I want it all over, my non-security leads me to blackness and violence against myself and others. I need a space where I felt safe and welcome as my world loses grip and meaning. I understand that I am sick and sometimes I have […]

zoom on mental health

yesterday I attended a zoom meeting on mental health. it was an interesting conversation to hear other people’s stories, even though I know some of them from previous Human Library events and happenings. I have no academic knowledge of psychiatry and mental health, I […]